Download as .mp3 or .m4a etc.

• Apr 11, 2016 - 01:23

I was hoping we could get a sort of feature where the music is turned into a recording. I wrote a ONE-MEASURE song that I want to use as a text tone, but I'm uneducated in the ways of file conversion hahaha!

So I'd appreciate it if I could find a way to *easily* turn my short tune into a ringtone format, please? Perhaps under 300 kb to fit my picky, dinosaur phone's preferences?

Thanks a bunch!


Simply go to File / Export, choose your format, and save. Ringtone formats are not supported, but WAV and MP3 are as well as others including MID. Presumably there exist converters to turn one of these into the particular format required by your phone, if your phone can't use one of the formats supported by MuseScore.

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