SVG render of Arpeggiated chord marker broken

• Apr 8, 2016 - 20:00
S4 - Minor

The sign gets replaced with horizontal tildes when exporting SVG. See the images below.

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Here is the Pull Request I just submitted:

Minimal changes to one file, mscore/svggenerator.cpp. Description matches my original post:

I have what I think is a fix for this in my own code. It has to do with the fact that the full set of SVG transformations is not being used in Qt SVG, so some types of transforms don't happen. I believe this is a problem in 2.0.2 and prior. I'm in the midst of other surgery to my version of MuseScore, but I'll work on integrating this into a pull request this week.

These are not tilde characters - if you look in the svg file text you'll see that they're path elements. The problem is that they are not rotated properly. I discovered this issue a couple of months ago and fixed it for myself, but never integrated it. It's a small amount of code in svggenerator.cpp.

The current version of svggenerator uses QMatrix, which is an obsolete type. It needs an upgrade to use QTransform and handle the extra data points provided.

This issue is fixed by PR 2552, which was just integrated, but without this issue number in the commit message, so it was not automatically registered as "fixed" here. I'll leave it to someone more experienced than I to change the status here.

My mistake, one of the other issues I fixed with the PR was 105436, very similar to this issue 105336, and I thought it was all my typo instead of two separate issues.