0.9.4/0.9.5 Config scramble BUG Recreated (workaround fix)

• Feb 21, 2009 - 02:32

To recreate

Ubuntu 64bit ibex (pulse audio disabled using these instructions http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2008/10/29/alsa-instead-of-pulseaudio-f… I n the event this is the issue - I have to use ALSA and disable PULSE for any audio)

prefferences/Program start/ select = continue with last session

Restart Musescore
midi lockup... no play panel no automation via play button.



Open Nautilus
Open Nautilus preferences / enable 'show hidden and backup files'
In your HOME folder find .config/.MusE and delete the files you find inside the .MusE folder
Restart MuseScore

These config files are not removed when you perform a reinstall ... You have to manually seek and destroy them.
I assume the upgrade from 0.9.4 to 0.9.5 DID clear these files away.

Suggestion.... a master reset button in Musescore to kill these files ?
I notice there is a 'Reset to Default' button at the bottom of the page in question.... could it be that its not wired up ? I did press it over the past hours several times :)

Hope this helps
Thanks for the software !


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