Define a specific number of instruments

• Apr 8, 2016 - 01:00

Not sure if this warrants a change request in future, so I ask the question here.

MuseScore instrumentation makes use of either Instrument groups or and individual instrument per stave.

There is no ability to specify the exact number of instruments the composer desires for his/her composition.

For example what does Horns in F mean in my score e.g. 2, 3 or 4 Horns if I do not map it to a single horn sound?

Sometimes, a composer wants to be very specific about the number of instruments to be used for the performance. For example, Maurice Ravel's Bolero was written for a specific (non standard orchestra) number of instruments.

In other words, the number of instruments to be used for the composition is therefore part of the work in my view.

The only way to add the specific number of instruments is somehow "abusing" one of the Text options available in MuseScore e.g. the subtitle, composer or lyricist. I see this as a work-around.

Is there another way to specify the number of instruments in MuseScore?

In the other case, I would advocate some metadata that link to the score's instruments to specify the number of instruments to be used to perform the composition.




You don't need to "abuse" the subtitle, composer or lyricist. The standard place to show this information is in the staff name for the score, the part name for the part. You can change these directly. In the score, right click the staff name (or the staff), select Staff Properties, and change the long name name to "2 Horns in F" or whatever else you like. By also changing the part name, that sets the name tht appears on the part by default. if you've already generated the part, you can edit the part name directly on the part.

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Hey Marc, I have a similar question and decided to post it here instead of on a new post where it might get buried. Is there a way to dictate the number of instruments actually playing (e.g. hearing the sound of four trumpets playing trumpet 1, instead of the sound of just one trumpet)? This would be extremely useful, and would help so that instruments like the piccolo don't shatter my eardrums while I'm working on the piece. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I am struggling to finish the "opera" score (singers & piano) for my father and would like to add chorus parts, but need to indicate voices separately from lead singers. I attempted to change the staff names to indicate in specific measures when the various chorus voices come in, but that resulted in the voice name changes through the entire instead of soprano lead singer separate from soprano chorus voice by measure...the enite composition all become soprano chorus.
please -how can i indicate the separation? am I making myself clear?
do I need to add another separate staff for each voice of chorus?
thank you for any hlep?

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