Play Panel enhancements

• Apr 7, 2016 - 21:54

Improve the Play Panel by adding some extra functionality as well as the GUI.

Extra features:

  • Ability to type the bar number to skip to a certain section in the score;
  • Ability to change to rehearsal marks to skip to certain rehearsal marks;
  • Ability to type the exact amount of BPM as well as change the BPM in percentages.

GUI enhancement
Reduce the default height of the Play Panel so it looks more like a Player instead. A GUI suggestion is included.



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Sounds from this and your other post like you are trying to do some very unusua things with playback. Explaining your use case might help us understand better. There might be the possibility of someone developing a separate plaback app more focused to whatever your use case is.

Note there is already a "Find" command Ctrl+F" to jump to a specific location (measure, page, or rehearsal mark), but not in the Play Panel - it's part of the main window. Also, specific tempos are normally set with tempo text in the actual scorel; the Play Panel is more for tmeporary overrides.

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Hi Marc,

Thanks again for the reply.

Just to be clear: I am talking about improvements to the Play Panel (F11), not the play buttons in the main window.

I hope my workflow is not too unusual:

  • I create a score
  • I review the score by listening using the play panel (F11)
  • I may adjust the mixer settings or sound mapping so the playback sounds as good as possible.
  • When needed, I skip back to certain bars or rehearsal marks to make changes/adjustments to the score.
  • As I am reviewing, I want to use the Play Panel .
  • I may temporarily override the score's tempo using the Play Panel to scrutinise my score and tempo preference.

Most DAWs have this option too in their (separate) Play Panel: you can edit the bar/beat numbers in the player and skip a bar/beat.

I will look further into the Find (Ctrl-F) command using this website and handbook. Of course, I used it before, but it is still unclear how to select a bar, page or rehearsal mark from the find command. The dropdown button is empty in my installation..



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What oyou are doing sounds not that unusual, except that you are trying to use the Play Panel when it doesn't seem particular necessary or helpful. You don't need a whole separate window to help you start and stop your score, or to jump to specific spots in your score - that is all doable directly from the main window. As is changing tempo to specific BPM values - not jsut once at the beginning of the score, but as many tempo changes within the score as you like. So really, nothing about what you describe doing should involve the Play Panel at all from what I can tell. The only thing one might normally do with the Play Panel during that type of workflow is to slow down the playback to make it easier to hear what is going on in a particular passage, and for that, you normally want a percentage that scales *all* tempo changes.

The "Find" command works very simply - it isn't a dropdown, you just type in the measure number or rehearsal later, and bam you are there. Or, to jump to a specific page, type "p" followed by the page number.

I like the general look of that mockup, but as to the three features you mentioned:

1. Look for "Find" under the Edit menu.
2. See 1.
3. See —if the Play Panel allowed you to type a specific BPM rather than a percentage of actual tempo, what would you expect to happen if your score includes tempo changes?

EDIT: I didn't see that Marc had already replied, sorry.

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And I forgot the point about tempo changes being an important reason to *not* specify tempos in BPM in the Play Panel, so it's just as well you responded :-) Setting specific tempos is important for sure, but this is a function that is better suited for actually editing the score than for the Play Panel.

All that said, I do basically like the look of the mockup.

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Thanks for the feedback Marc,

You are correct about relative tempo changes (w.r.t. the score tempo) for the Play Panel.

My feature suggestion was biased by my own use case; specific tempo change while playing a section with set tempo.

My suggestion may cause a conflict when the Play Panel uses a specific tempo: MuseScore would either use the same tempo throughout the score, or has to revert to the score tempo upon a tempo change in the score. That would become confusing and not be very useful, indeed.



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