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• May 2, 2011 - 03:55

I have written 26 bars (measures?) in 4/4 time. First an irregular bar of 2 crotchets, a 'repeat-from' sign then 8 bars with a repeat volta on Bar8 followed by the remaining 18 bars, with a repeat volta and sign on the 17th and a last-time bar.
Playback starts normally, plays bars 1 to 7 (including the first irregular bar), skips Bar 8 (with the volta), plays Bar 9 (with a 2-note chord that's not written ), then jumps back to Bar 1, plays to bar 7, skips 8, goes to 9, then goes nuts! It seems to go where-ever it feels it can make the music sound the most disjointed! Did I do something to upset it?
I had made mistakes and corrected them and I wonder if somehow those are being picked up and played. Any ideas?
ps - this is not the only place I have problems without being able to find the answers in the handbook!


Another thing to try is double click select the Volta, which gives you handles you can move around. Move each end handle just a tiny bit, and it'll show you a dashed line from the handle to the point in the score that playback will treat as that end of the Volta.

MuseScore lets you tweak the appearance of the Volta with the mouse to make it print out exactly the way you want. To alter the point in the score to which it applies, you have to double click select it, then click on an end handle, and move that end with Control-Shift-Right Arrow and Control-Shift-Left Arrow. That moves the bottom end of the dashed line. Then go back with the mouse and tweak the cosmetic appearance and top end of the dashed line.....

-- J.S.

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Thanks JS - something changed. But although playback has quit doing its impromptu dance all over my score it's now simply ignoring the voltas and repeat signs and playing every succeeding bar from beginning to end. I take all the voltas and repeat signs out, delete the affected bars, re-insert them, rewrite them and re-insert the signs without any of that making any difference to anything.

I also notice that various notes sound different. Must be something else I've done wrong! Does the font have only one sound? I'd love to have different sounds for each voice - that would help to hear the harmonies separately.

Also - can I play each voice separately and hear only the one I want?

I'd send you a copy but I can't work out how to do that either. Hang on......... I might have done it,though it's over the 2Mb limit.

Regards, and thanks for your patient help,

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