Allocating Lyrics to Slash Filled Bars

• Apr 6, 2016 - 19:31

I've created a system with every bar filled with slashes.

How do I allocate two words to a single slash?

Alternatively, how do I generate bars with 8 slashes in 4:4 time?

Hope you can help.


Are they really lyrics? If not, you might consider a different means of adding the text. Can you explain your use case in more detail?

BTW, you can create as many slashes as you like. An easy way would be fill the measures with eighth notes (if that's what you want), run Edit / Tools / Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation, then hide the stems and beams. Or make the time signature 8/8 and use Fill With Slashes. It all depends on what you are actually trying to do here.

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Hi Marc

yes, they are lyrics. I want eventually to add 3 separate lines below each stave. It's a do wop song so one of the lines will be oos and ahs, the second will be the actual words of the songs and the 3rd will show the repeating vocal riff.

I hope this helps and thanks for replying.

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If they are actual lyrics, it isn't clear why you would only want to show slashes rather than the actual notes - again attaching the actual score would help so we can better understand your unique situation. But the usual way to have lyrics without showing the notes they are attached to would be to simply enter the notes (in another voice) then make them invisible. Then they could be automatically spaced correctly and you wouldn't need workarounds like embedding spaces within lyrics attached to notes that don't actually reflect the rhythm of the lyrics, which would lead to very unnatural spacing.

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Hi Marc

It's to create a lead sheet for singers and instrumentalists that don't read music and wouldn't find the notes helpful. But they will know the tune and the rhythm; they just need the lead sheet to know how it fits together and what their part is.

The song is the do wop composition "Runaround Sue" and I'm setting it out for a ukulele band to play and sing for the first time "on the night".

Thanks for your interest and all your help.

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