Opening MuseScore 1.0 file in Nightly looses octave lines

• Apr 28, 2011 - 22:19
S4 - Minor

Opening the attached testfile which has been created with MuseScore 1.0 under Windows with the current Nightly (r4242) looses the 8va and 8vb lines. The 15ma and Ped lines are kept but are relatively far away from the staves.

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Test_8.mscz 10.31 KB


I can't open this score in either 1.0 or the nightly. Using 1.0 does nothing, no crash but no score opens. The nightly just crashes.

My own experience with opening 1.0 files under the nightly is slightly better but I agree that there is much improvement to be done here. I have found that slurs and ties are wrong, 1'st/2'nd endings can be very wrong, 8va and 15ma get placed wrong, etc.

Status (old) active fixed

My test score (which contains 8va and 8vb) which I use for testing in v1 and v2 works OK in 4946.