Brackets are no more selected in the Inspector

• Apr 4, 2016 - 11:36
S4 - Minor
by design

Git commits f6e835e and 6421bab / Windows 10

1) Grand staff template
2) With Inspector opened: click on the bracket

Result in the Inspector: nothing happens (nothing selected)

So, you can't make it invisible or change the offsets (vertical/horizontal)

Works in 2.0.2

Status normal or major?


Indeed (for January 22)
So, the inability to change offsets (and color) of brackets is not considered as an issue?
If yes, I close.

"so I have my doubts that change offset worked back then."
Indeed, with eg this nightly on January 12: b18f5bb, offsets (and color) are not preserved after save and reload.
Always not considered as an issue?

I've just checked with a 2.0.2: Color and Offset were not saved either, so good reasons to disable the inspector

I'd close it as by design.

Status (old) active by design

In my opinion, it's an issue, or at least a limitation. But since it has been deliberately turned off (I can not know the reason, but it must be based somewhere), I reduce the priority to normal.
EDIT: ok, by design :(

I believe in the current design there's just no place to store these properties for elements that are generated on the fly during layout, so no point in pretending them to be changable in the first place.