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• Apr 29, 2011 - 01:25
S4 - Minor

Using R4242 and the latest stable LAME_ENC.DLL version 3.98.4, the MP3 export feature doesn't work. No matter where the DLL is located, I get a "Could not open MP3 encoding library" and MuseScore crashes.


It's nowhere in the MS directory. I suspect MS wants the same version that Audacity uses, but I didn't have it available on my tablet.

OK, different results on different computers, both Win7 32-bit. On my home tablet, I installed the Audacity-specific Lame DLL, and the first MP3 export appeared to work. I didn't listen to the MP3. When I exported again, MS froze on the second pass at about 1%.

At work I also installed the Lame DLL. When I try to export to MP3, no file is created and no progress bar appears. I tried a few times, and finally MS froze.

After doing a WAV export, now the MP3 export works. Several times it will freeze at about 93% for about 5 seconds, then complete.

One other small issue: if the export filename already exists, MS will happily overwrite it.

Why is encoding limited to one specific version of Lame ENC, and not even the latest stable release? Is there any documentation that states what version and location of the Lame DLL is required?

Status (old) active fixed

if the export filename already exists, MS will happily overwrite it.
I can't reproduce this in r5486.

Regarding lame version, I suggest we follow audacity. When writing MuseScore 2.0 handboook, a section should describe how to get lame. Something like the section in the audacity manual.

Is there any remaining and specific problem with mp3 export? If yes, please open another bug report.

If you're on Windows 10 and it's not working, for some reason putting on Windows 8 compatibility mode on for the executable seems to fix the exporting issue. Try also to check the option to start the program as admin.