Removing linked staff deletes part

• Apr 1, 2016 - 22:13
S4 - Minor

Ubuntu 14.04, GIT commit: 3c7a69d

After all the back and forth with the linked staff fixes, I'm not sure what's expected and what is not. The following strikes me as inconvenient, but not much more. Which is to say, I probably wouldn't hold up 2.0.3 over this.

1) new score, guitar standard+tablature template (or create a score manually with one instrument, two linked staves)
2) File / Parts
3) New All
4) OK
5) Edit / Instruments
6) select the second staff, Remove
7) OK

Result: part is deleted. I seem to remember seeing this much before. it's an annoyance because one has to re-create the part, and potentially lose any modifications one had made originally. However, Undo seems to put everything back the way it should be.