Move big files to git LFS

• Mar 29, 2016 - 11:19
Reported version
S4 - Minor

The SF3 file is a good candidate. Also maybe the vtest images and xmlio pdfs. We cannot remove these files completely from git history unfortunately, that would break any fork on github...


@awelch83, I'm glad to see you are eager to contribute! Might I suggest that you just assign one or two issues to yourself at a time. It's probably best to concentrate on fixing one issue at a time before moving on to tackle something else. If you leave the other issues unassigned then that allows someone else to look at them while you work on the first one.

I'm not in a hurry of doing this in MuseScore repo, mainly because of the history... and because of the 1GB limit of git-LFS on github. If I understand correctly, it means we could only make around 10 commits of the soundfont (119 MB) for free.

Regarding the removal of the soundfont and other big files, Github now has a page with instructions on how to delete big files…

For the record, the MuseScore repo currently has 99403 files (result of git rev-list --objects --all | sort -k 2 | wc -l)

The repo is around 250MB currently

The biggest files... (See this page)

6a6532c28d8531f8e944bf361e4e8efd6c83ffbb 110MB test/ntest/core
3de76767fb36fb55e35b65399b03950559aabbf1 20MB share/sound/fluid.sf3
4154d65bdeb1bca61b7c0234d44ab98ddc4b0772 15MB thirdparty/poppler/poppler/.libs/libpoppler.a
08456e4f8b1cbd323934187bc923cb15a7b3efc4 14MB share/sound/FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3

Such a repo would last much longer when storing the sf3 file rather than the sf2 one

How did that core and libpoppler.a find their way into the repository?
Those number are not the commit SHAs, are they?