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• Apr 24, 2011 - 09:58

Is it possible to add the scoop symbol (small upward curve) to the articulation palettte?



I'm not familiar at all with this notation. I guess it could be the case of other developers. The next major version will include Falls and doits. Do we miss something ?

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I believe the term "scoop" would generally refer to something that *precedes* the note, not follows it. You start playing below the notated pitch, then end up t the notated pitch. The notation looks exactly like the "doit" except the symbol appears to the left of the note rather than to the right.

BTW, is there a reaosn these were added to their own palette? Seems they are just more articulations.

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Strange, hard to say without more context. Looks like someone wasn't sure how to notates ties and just guessed. I'd recommend starting a new thread - this one here is on an unrelated topic and is from over a decade ago - where you explain more about what this piece is and where it came from, and then maybe someone will have a better idea.

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Do check out the nightlybuilds - the palette *has* been extended to include bends both upward and downward, both i to and out of notes, and their shape is editable like a slur. Straight and wavy lines are already available as glissandi. So I think you will find that just about anything you would need is now present. Only trouble spot might be a wavy falls, which you'd have to fake as a glissando, since there is no way to reshape the fall into a wavy line. So that is so ething that could still stand to be added.

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Well, as they say, there are three ways to do anything: The right way, the wrong way, and the Army way (and I worked with the military for nearly 30 years; I can tell you this saying is true). So if we're going to use this as a guide, does v2 intend to implement what this reference calls a squeeze? I'm writing a chart at this moment where such an ornament is integral to the melody line.

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I was talking about the specific symbol you mentioned - the squeeze. This is also between two adjacent notes. So really, no difference, and it's not like there is standardization of shapes. The example shown is somewhat assymterical, so a two click adjustment to one handle perhaps, buit aside from that, it looks just like a slur. Do we really need to add a new symbol that looks and acts exactly like a slur, except that it defaults to being slightly asymmetric?

As for scoops - again, those are already in 2.0 as scoops, applied to one note. That's a totally separate thing from what you referenced: the squeeze, which attaches to two notes. Scoops are already there; the only question is whether we *also* need to add a "squeeze" that for all intents and purposes is identical to a slur. And then, where does this stop? If you looked at the whole world of published jazz charts, you'd find *hundreds* of symbols someone used somewhere, most of which can be produced very nicely using existing symbols. How many of them should we also duplicate under multiple names the way you we'd be duplicating the slur but calling it a squeeze?

EDIT: actually, 2.0 provides the answer already: customizable palettes. So you can add as many different slightly customized slur variations to the palette as you like.

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