Third volta doesn't work

• Mar 27, 2016 - 13:47
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S4 - Minor

I tried to make a score with multiple voltas. Voltas.mscz
I need a 3-volta score. As 2 voltas worked fine, I added the third volta and played it. But the result was not what I expected.
It doesn't jump to the third volta after the second repeat. It goes through the second volta again, and after that, it goes to the third. That means the third doesn't work at all.

I attached an example with 3 voltas, pleased check the issue.

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Unfortunatly this seemingly simple repeats patter already falls into the category 'complicated roadmap' which MuseScore currently can't handle, there are severel issues open for this

One might be #4525: Repeats with more than 3 endings, although therre 3 voltas seem to work? The score in that issue were from MuseScore 0.96, so maybe 3 voltas worked back then.

Another candidate is #48456: Repetition, 1, 2 and 3 doesn't work, this most like is a duplicate of that. The Workaround mentioned there works here too, see (or rather: hear) attached

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I have a similar problem with incorrectly repeating Voltas.

In the attached file, MS plays measure 22's Volta #2 once, correctly goes D.S., but then plays through M22's Volta #2 a 2nd time on its way to Volta #3. (Volta #4 works correctly.)

How can the behavior of Volta #2 be corrected?

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"Voltas": right click on volta 2. Set "repeat count" to 1. Playback will be correct. I suppose "repeat count" refers to the number of times the music under the volta is played.

"Throw open...": This one doesn't work for me as you describe. It plays volta 2 and the repeat, then ignores the dal segno and plays vota 3, volta 4 and onwards with out the required repeats. I suspect that the combination of dal segno and voltas in this way is a difficult thing to handle for the software though it is intelligible to us humans with our inferior brains.

Having said that let me suggest to write out repeat 1 and 2 and just leave the dal segno in place: For the singer's sake, not the computer's. You will have a much easier time getting your singers to understand what they are supposed to do. I remember wasted rehearsal time when the conductor tried to explain patterns like this. In the old days when music was handwritten or hand engraved any trick to save engraving time was welcome, hence repeat signs and voltas. Nowadays we can do a repeat with copy/paste in seconds.

I was trying it out before writing my post and it worked. Could it be that it differs by operating system? I have MS 2.03, Mac Notebook, OS Yosemite.