Text "bad fit" on Musescore.com upload

• Mar 25, 2016 - 15:50

Just uploaded Hanon Part I to Musescore.com and found that some text is no longer fitting on the page.

On page 3 the Frame text is running off the page.
On page 6 the system text at the top of the page is also running off the page.

If I download the upload as a PDF the issue is present.
If I download the upload as a .mscz the issue is NOT present and the downloaded .mscz resembles the original upload.

I could resize the text but what is causing this issue? I've done enough formatting work on this upload already!!


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Have been using Musescore 2.02 in Wine under Debian
But I've just opened the downloaded version in Windows 7 Musescore 2.02 in VirtualBox and it still appears fine like my original upload.

Is this a font issue at my end ? I always use the freeserif and freesans fonts.
The breaks in the frame text are added in manually as there is no wraparound option but I assume this doesn't account for what appears to be an increase in size.

This is a PDF export from Win7 Musescore 2.02 in VirtualBox created from the .mscz downloaded from my original upload. Le_Pianiste_virtuose downloaded upload from Win7 Muse2.02.pdf
It doesn't show any of the text issues that are on display on the Musescore.com page.

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