copy shortcuts.xml(windows) to mac

• Mar 25, 2016 - 10:55

forgive me for posting this, cause it's only my lack of mac knowledge that puts up this question. I have Installed musescore on a friends mac (el capitano). Now I want to provide him with my edited version of the shortcuts file taken from my windows installation. The musescore folders that I see are all empty and I don't see any shortcuts.xml file to overwrite. So this may only be the users directories. After creation of a musescore file I can see this in folder called "partituren". Where can I find or create the shortcuts.xml file?


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thank you. I didn't get it with the finder. But knowing the path I was able to navigate to this path using the terminal. Surprisingly the path completion with TAB did not work everywhere in this path but at last I got the xml file copied to the mac and Musescore works with the shortcuts defined on windows.

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