• Mar 24, 2016 - 02:07

ScreenHunter_853 Mar. 23 19.44.jpg

I thought I had followed all the explanations about repeats, but I still can't seem to get this one to work. It repeats once, but on the second verse it plays the two measures of the first ending and then jumps to the 2nd ending. I have set the Volta Properties for the 1st and 2nd repeat to Text 1. 2. and Repeat list to 1, 2 and the second ending to Text 3. and Repeat list 3. If I set the Volta Properties to 1 then it plays then song, repeats once and then jumps to the second ending. But I can't get it to repeat the second verse of the song and end the third verse of the song with the 2nd ending. I hope that explanation isn't too confusing. This is only my second time tying to explain a problem.


It's always better to put to the actual score, nit just a picture of it. My guess, though, is that you didn't set the repeat count in Measure Properties for the measure ending in the repeat barline, since you didn't mention that.

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