How to create a 2-measure repeat sign with playback

Unfortunately, MuseScore (prior to 4.x) does not have a built-in 2-measure repeat function (with or without playback). Here is a workaround to create one:
  1. Select the 2 measures to repeat (the first 2 measures).
  2. Tools > Measure > "Join Measures" ("Bars" in British English)
  3. The barline has now disappeared, since the measures are joined. Click on the first note of where the second measure should be.
  4. Palettes > Barlines > double-click "Short 1 span"
  5. Double-click the new short barline, and adjust its length to fit the height of the staff.
  6. Select measure 3, and add a "Repeat Measure Sign" from the Repeats & Jumps Palette. Make it invisible.
  7. Make the measure-rest in measure 4 invisible.
  8. Add a "Double Repeat-Measure" sign between measures 3 & 4 (found in View > Master Pallete > Symbols). Adjust it to be in the exact centre of the barline.
  9. Select the rest in measure 4. Add the Staff Text "2" (without the quotation marks). Change the font size to "14," and the font-type to "MScoreBC." Place it directly above the barline.
  10. Select measure 3, right-click on it, and select "Measure Properties."
  11. In "Add to measure number," enter "1" and click apply. This fixes the measure count, since measures 1 & 2 are joined as one measure.
  12. To use this in multiple places, you can copy & paste measures 3 & 4. You may have to horizontally adjust the "Double Repeat-Measure" sign and the "2" when you paste it in a new place.

Sample score: 2-Measure Repeat Example.mscz

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