Playback isn't working

• Apr 20, 2011 - 01:38

Loading Soundfont
"C:/Program Files (X86)/Musescore//Sound/TimGM6mb.sf2" failed. Playback will be disabled.
Go to Display > Synthesizer and check that the file location is correct.

This is coming up every time I enter Musescore. I go to the synthesizer but can't change anything there. I've re-downloaded and restarted and changed to factory settings and done EVERYTHING that's been suggested, but it won't fix!!
Someone help me! D:


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The exact same problem, same error message? What version of MuseScore? That's not the correct location for the current version of MuseScore, so if you are using MuseScore 2, it would indicate something is very wrong with your installation. But I'm guessing maybe you are seeing a different message, or are stiull using an older version? If the latter, first step would be to update to the latest. If you are always on the latest, please psot the exact text of the error message you are seeing.

My MIDI to computer connection stopped working about 1 1/2 months ago, and my Playback stopped last week. Even when I hit F11, the playback won't display. I have Version 1 from the Download, but also have the CD Version that I purchased. My operating system is Windows Vista. Please help.

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