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• Mar 21, 2016 - 17:08

if I have violins in 2 parts and I want to change to violins in 12 parts for a few bars how do I do it? The split stave option just seems to add staves to the whole score.


It does, but then you can use Style / General / Hide empty staves to make the second staff disappear where not wanted. You want to set the other staves to "Never hide" if you don't want other staves affected.

BTW, you probably don't actually want.need to use "Split staff" for this - the main point of that is to actually divide up the notes according to some split point, for use when people have imported a MIDI file or some such for piano that has all notes on one staff and they want a quick way of restrucuring the music for two staves. In your case, the dividing up of the notes is probably going to be counterproductive. All you really want to do is add staves, via Edit / Instruments.

Hi, happy to take along this thread. I am writing an orchestral score. Mannheim orchestra more or less. At some point, I need to split my violins 1 and 2 in three staves each. So I use the method you indicate in this threads and it works well. The remaining problem is the notation of the group on the left : i need to make disappear the name of the first staff vl. 1 and make appear the same name on the second staff (the one that will remain in the center of the three staves), in order to rename vl. 1 the new group of 3 violins staves in front of the "accolade". This last part is working, as the staff itself disappears when empty. But I can't make the first "vln. 1" disappear, because if I do so, this name disappears over all the score, which of course, I don't want !

Any cue to make that first mention of "vln. 1" disappear over 1 or 2 pages and then be back ?

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