multiple words for one long note

• Mar 18, 2016 - 14:55

I have a pc, and am trying to find a way to put multiple words under a whole note. The program won't let me do it. It always jumps to the next note when I try. There's nothing in the manual. Can someone help me? I need to chart some music for Easter!


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Many thanks for your response.
In the inspector, I see the alignment buttons you seem to be talking about. There are three options that I can see: left, right and centre. I there a "justify" option as well? This way the words would be spread equally across the text area.
Thank you very much.

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No, there is not. Normally the spacing works out well by itself, but if you've got very long measure and/or line breaks forcing fewer measure per line than would normally fit, I can see that this wouldn't always work out so well. Feel free to attach your score - or at least a relevant excerpt - so we can understand and advise better how to best handle your particular situation.

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I understand that this feature has not yet been developed. I see that a request for this feature has already been made, though, so I will not bother posting one myself.
Thank you for your answers and support, though !!
If ever you want to check out the score to see if there's anything to do, I've attached it to my response.


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The existing talk about justification, as far as I know, has nothing to do with lyrics but is talking about blocks of text like in frames. Lyrics are different animal. Normally the notes space themselves out to accommodate the lyrics so justification isn't needed, but here you have a situation where you have "too few note" (opposite problem Mozart had in Amadeus!) so they are already spread out further than the lyrics.

I think in this case, rather than spread the words out more, you could consider spreading the notes out less. For instance, maybe drag the first note to the right, or add a spacer to either side of the system the line to shrink the measure?

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