Command line interface ignores style when exporting to PDF

• Mar 16, 2016 - 23:14
S4 - Minor

When trying to use the command line interface to export a mscx to pdf the style specified on the command line is ignored. I've attached the style I'm using for reference (was saved from MuseScore).

I would expect the specified style would override anything in the score, like page format (A4, A5..) and most of all page margins.

I'm using MuseScore2 v2.0.2

You can duplicate by saving the default score and converting it to pdf and the specified style using musescore -S a4.mss -o name.pdf name.mscz

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I've being trying to make use of this feature and done some empirical testing. What seems to work for me is providing the full pathname to the style file.

What doesn't seem to work is using the style file name alone, regardless of whether it's in the user Styles folder (/home/xxx/Documents/MuseScore/Styles), or copied into the system Styles folder (/usr/share/mscore-2.0/styles). This is on a Debian-based Linux system with MuseScore version 2.0.2 (the comments form doesn't let me specify that version, but it's the current version in my software repository).

I think that implies MuseScore is maybe ignoring the Preferences setting for Folders in batch/command line mode.

I don't have the expertise to track this down and suggest a fix in the code, but hope the observation might give a pointer, and a temporary workaround.

Fair point. I realised it was an old thread, but the only one I found on this issue.

For clarity, my workaround relates only to the scenario you observed in post #1: output to another MuseScore format, not PDF (as per post title) or PNG (which is what I was after).

But, that full path workaround at least means I can achieve restyled PNG output with a script that creates an intermediate, restyled mscz file, which then exports to PNG.