change label 'new all' in parts dialog or add explanatory tooltip

• Mar 16, 2016 - 20:51
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I think it would be a better label for the button.

  • new (all instruments)
  • new with all instruments
  • new all instrum.


Not quite, in my opinion.

My first "objection" to that button is: "new all" what? Of course after clicking it, it's obvious what it does. That's why I'm against "Singola" (single) and "Tutte" (all): that would cause the same questions: Single what? And I see the risk of it suggesting "Single part", from the label above.

But I see that this dialog has little space, so a large button (similat to others i.e. the 'Reset to defaults' in the Prefs), could be troublesome, I agree with you.

I'm seeing just two options: leave it as it is or replace the label with "New All Instr." (the abbreviation would recall the "instruments" present on the right side), and maybe enlarge by a couple of pixels the dialog default width.

I have to vote against the tooltip: I opened a couple of dialogs and I didn't find any tooltip on any button, this would make the tooltips in this dialog a bit "hidden".

Perhaps what's really missing, but nobody's been quite able to put their finger on, is that "New All" generates one part for each instrument, automatically.

Wait, maybe we are mixing concepts and misunderstanding each other.

To me (but I'm far from being an expert), a part is a collection of one or more instruments (where an instrument is a single staff / grandstaff in the score, i.e. I could have two piano grand staves, and those would be two separate instruments).

@Shoichi: Sure, but, to my understanding: the Part is the target, the object that will be created by pressing the button; the question that I'm posing here is what will make up that object, what's the complete meaning of the label.

@IsaacWeissCardshark: I don't get what you mean, if I click "New All", what I see is that MS creates a single part with all the instruments - but I may be wrong of course.


Oh, I just tried the "New All", and indeed it is creating one part per instrument!
For some reason I remembered that it created a single part with all the instruments, but no!

Now this issue must be rethought.

What about:

  1. New per instr.
  2. One per instr.

No. 1 is my favoured.

I'm not completely satisfied by those, but I feel they're a bit more clear than the actual "New All".

Keep in mind, musescore can generate a "part" (singular) containing any set of *multiple* instruments. I would have tooltext say "Generate New Part for each Instrument", but just leave the button as is, so we don't have a huge button (as Jojo warns).

(I have some objections to some musescore terminology, e.g. the use of "part" here, but sometimes I don't know it if is worth time to debate. Internally, these "parts" are represented as "linked" "child score" "excerpts" of the "root score". "Part" is too generic and could mean any section of a score. Unfortunately I can't think of anything better to call them.)

Title change label 'new all' to 'new all instruments' in parts dialog change label 'new all' in parts dialog or add explanatory tooltip