Explode Music Plugin

• Apr 13, 2011 - 04:31

As a professional arranger and pianist, one of the most useful features I have worked with is Finale's EXPLODE and IMPLODE music plugin.

In the EXPLODE feature, you are able to write "blocked chords" and distribute the notes through many instruments very fast. It is a very useful feature when working on large scores with "choir" unisson sections. The user would basically write the chords in the correct voicings, and these notes would then be distributed with the same note value, one note per staff in all the staffs below the staff it was written. The highest note would be left for the top staff of the selection, where the chords were written.

The IMPLODE music, would work exactly the oposite: it would take every note on the selected staffs, and put them either at the top staff or bottom staff stacked as a chords. This is a useful feature when one needs to analize music, or create a piano version of a choir work, for example.

I can't emphasize how useful these features are for those work regularly on large scores, including orchestra, big band or choir works!

Best regards to all programmers. and musetypographers out in the world.
You guys are doing a great job!

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