How to get a MuseScore Consumer key?

• Mar 13, 2016 - 11:18

Hello, I am programming something using the MuseScore API right now. To access the API, I need a Consumer Key. On this site it says:

You can request a Consumer Key via email:

I have contacted this E-Mail, but I did not get a reply. How can I get a Consumer Key now?
Also why the hell exists such a thing as a Authentication anyway? All the things are public, and you cannot access more scores with a Consumer Key, than you can by browsing MuseScore using an internet browser. Other APIs for public sites do not have such an authentication system. ;) It would be nice, if you could clear things up for me, thanks. :)


You'll get reply via email.

The consumer api key exists for several good reasons. As for the oauth, this is a standard authentication mechanism so users can provide a third party application access to their private scores.

Read more on Wikipedia about oauth.

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Thank you very much, I got it. :)
You also wrote that I need to respect the license of each score. Does that mean anything unobvious? I wasn't planning to sell free scores for money or something, but just to be sure, is there anything not selfexplanatory that I need to know?

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If a score is posted under all rights reserved (copyright), than anything beyond providing access to it requires further permission from the creators. If a score is released under one of the Creative Commons licenses, it's pretty clear what can be done with it and what not. Finally there is the Public Domain Mark and Creative Commons Zero which allow the use for any purpose.

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So basically what I am doing, is programming an inline bot for the chat messenger "Telegram". All my bot does is that it responds with a search result list when you send it a query in a chat and then you can click on one of them and it will post the sheet (just the link, not a PDF or something) in the chat. If you by any chance use Telegram, you can check it out here . It's already running. Or maybe this screenshot is enough:
So, is that hurting the licenses in any form?

Hello, I'm having the same situation. I'm trying to use the MuseScore API to build an application. I have put up a request "" for the key, but have not received a reply. Is it possible for me to get a consumer key?


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