MIDI import ignores key signature

• Mar 4, 2016 - 21:12

When importing the attached MIDI file, the key shows up as B major (5 sharps), but the MIDI file has the key signature as E major (4 sharps).

When imported into Sibelius, the key signature is interpreted correctly. In addition, I can view the raw MIDI and confirm that there should be only 4 sharps.

Any ideas why the 5th sharp is added? Seems like it's just ignoring what the MIDI file says, and interpreting the key signature on its own.

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5452.mid 409 bytes


I don't know much abut MIDI format, but tracing through what happens in the code, I can confirm that MuseScore is not seeing a key signature. It sees only two meta events - one with a meta type of 4 that it doesn't recognize, then a track name of "Classical Guitar". I guess mayeb there is an issue with *where* the key signature meta event is within the file?

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