Fretboard diagrams edit dialogue on double click.

• Mar 4, 2016 - 18:35

There have been a variety of viewpoints regarding the issue whether double clicking on a fretboard diagram should allow editing the diagram , as in the case of chord symbols , or conventionally just take you to the "Edit Mode".

I am of the belief that it will be more convenient and intutive to allow editing the fretboard diagram on a double click as opposed to the edit dialog currently present only in the properties menu, accessible only after a left click.

The new implementation can result in the following design :
Double-Click on fretboard : editor dialog appears
Single-Click on fretboard : Enters the Edit mode and allows fine adjustment using arrow keys.

This is the same design as currently used for chord symbols , wherein , double click allows for editing the chord and single click takes you to "edit mode".

In addition to being more intutive and *usually expected* , one argument in support of the above change can be that a fretboard diagram is indeed a graphical representation of a chord symbol , so , its quite reasonable for it to behave similar to a chord symbol.

Hence , I would like to propose the above mentioned design change in fretboard diagrams , if suited .


Actually, for text-based elements like chord symbols, double-click still enters edit mode, just like selecting it and pressing [Cmd]+[E] or right-clicking and choosing "Edit Element." It's just that text edit mode does allow you to edit the text. Single-clicking a text element does not enter edit mode.

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Actually, what single-click does with text seems to be sort of a "special" mode, neither normal "edit" mode nor "text edit" mode. It's technically still "normal" mode, but the handling of arrow keys with text selected is special-cased in the code (in ScoreView::cmd(), the handling of "next-chord" and other commands).

Anyhow, I am inclined to agree that double click would more naturally be expected to display the editor, and a single click could then enable keyboard nudging as with text, via the same special casing in ScoreView::cmd(). Although that solution is a bit of a hack; I wouldn't mind seeing something more elegant. But if it ain't broke...

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I do think it would be a nice thing for double-clicking a fretboard diagram to open its Properties. But if you want to verify that edit mode for text really is "text edit mode", right-click a piece of text and choose "Edit Element."

I might point out that resizable items (mostly lines) also have a unique sort of edit mode. But it's true that you can't move those any direction with the arrow keys.

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In that case ,shouldn't the "Edit Element" option available on right click on a chord symbol also take you the the special editing mode as opposed to "text-edit" mode for consistency sake?
Seldom would users want to make the effort to right click and then click on an option to be able to "text-edit".

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@ZackTheCardshark : I was taking of consistency of all the text elements with other elements , in which edit option in menu takes you to a mode that allows positioning of the element with arrows. Similar behaviour of the edit option in the menu for text elements would be good I think.

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Oh, in that case its fine.
I thought the single click in case of text actually takes you to another special mode which in addition to positioning with arrows offers some other functionality too.
If its not so , then the present options for text would be fine.

Coming back, more views on whether to implement double click as a feature for fretboard-diagram-editing ?

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