question re: missing Brackets & Hide Empty Staves feature

• Mar 3, 2016 - 17:43

In the attached score (provided as an example, though this seems to be common to all of them), with all staves showing, I have brackets used as recommended by the Dolmetsch Online website. However, with Hide Empty Staves enabled, a single stave from a bracketed group doesn't show any bracket. If two or more staves from a bracketed group are showing, then those show the bracket.
When I compare this to a range of historical scores (from IMSLP website), there doesn't seem to be consistency: sometimes the old scores display the same bracket behavior as MuseScore, and sometimes not.

The question being, is MuseScore's behavior correct according to contemporary standards, or is there a bug?
Follow-up question, if I desired (hypothetically) to alter MuseScore's behavior to match a historical score, can that be done? My concern would be maybe bugging up the score by putting another bracket in place where one is already present, but just not showing at the moment.


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