filter textbox not cleared on reopening the Shortcuts dialog

• Mar 2, 2016 - 07:35

Tested on Ubuntu 15.04.

1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts.
2. Type something in the filter box.
3. Press ENTER.

Result: The window closes.
Expected Behaviour : The results should be retrieved and displayed after applying the filter.


There is no need for return key to apply the filter as the filter applies every time the text changes.
Also the behavior of return key is same everywhere in musescore, it closes the opened dialog.


If you're aware that the "assigned" field is to indicate that someone has volunteered to investigate the issue and submit a patch to the MuseScore code, and you're willing to do that, then I apologize in advance and you can reassign yourself.

Title Unexpected behaviour on pressing RETURN key while the cursor is in the filter box of Shortcuts tab. filter textbox not cleared on reopening the Shortcuts dialog
Status (old) active patch (code needs review)

The actual issue is that the filter text-box is not being cleared again when the Preferences dialog is opened after closing again.
I have created a patch that allows doing so.

I'm not really sure that it's not the expected behavior. The filter in the instrument dialog works the same. If we change the behavior in the preferences dialog we should also change it in instruments for consistency.

Jojo, Zack, any opinion?

Although , the results in the list are consistent with what is present in the filterbox of the instruments dialogue , but it is no harm clearing it for consistency .
Should I do so ?

I think I like it that the filter is kept in instrument dialog. Maybe we should make the shortcut dialog work the same and the shortcut should be filtered. Any other feedback?

Neutral. Either change would be preferable to the current behavior. However, the Symbols palette as well as the Instruments dialog currently keeps the filter.

I'm fine with either choice. I'm guessing it's more likely the user would want to enter a new filter next time they open either dialog, so clearing it would save the user a click in those cases, but re-entering the filter in the cases where you *do* want it takes several clicks, so it's probably a wash overall.