Updated 11 years ago

If a project doesn't specify a deadline for a phase, the phase will be one week long, from one [[nodetitle:IRC chat]] to the next. If not enough work gets done within the week, the IRC chat attendees may decide to prolong the phase by another week.

Call for Proposals

This week will be dedicated to submitting proposals. A proposal may consist of mockups/sketches and/or textual descriptions, and should be posted under the "Proposal" section of the project. Anyone may submit a proposal, no matter whether they are part of the team or not. Anyone may also add to the "relevant art" section.

End-of-the-week IRC chat

The IRC chat attendees will list problems that haven't been addressed by the submitted proposals, propose solutions, and pick the ones that suit our design principles the most. They will also go through the aspects in which the submitted proposals differ and do the same.

After that is done, they will decide which of them will work on the tentative design. The person chosen will post the solutions that have been decided on under the "Tentative Design" section of the project to serve as an outline for the tentative design. He will then be responsible for mocking it up and fleshing out its description over the coming week.

Shaping the Tentative Design

This week will be spent finetuning the tentative design as it is developed, finding possible bugs, and working together with the developer team to assess how the proposal might be implemented.