Trills and other ornaments with sharp or flat signs

• Jan 14, 2012 - 16:47
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I haven't found any mention to trills with a small accidental over them.

All accidentals (flat, sharp, natural, double-sharp, double-flat) should be supported.

Other ornaments (mordents, grupettos...) should also be supported.

Grupettos can have upper and lower alterations.

Playback should be a secondary issue.



Thank you!


While it would be nice to have these more directly, especially if/when playback is supported, note you can get this effect currently by placing the accidental as staff text using the F2 text symbols palette.

I don't think these are duplicates. Sure they are both talking about compound ornaments but that first one(this thread) is talking about trills and the other is talking about turns. These are 2 completely different ornaments.

Trill = fast notes for x beats

Turn = fast turning of notes(thus the name),

For example:

That is a trill

This is a turn

2 completely different ornaments

So I would say that those threads are not duplicates.

Title Trills and other ornaments with sharp or flat signs Trills with sharp or flat signs

Yes, but internally, they are both considered "articulations", and almost without doubt, if it's implemented for one, it will automatically work for all.

Title Trills with sharp or flat signs Trills and other ornaments with sharp or flat signs

Posts crossed and title was accidentally reverted.

Select a note, open the Symbols palette (press "Z"), find the accidental you want there, double click it, then move it into position. It's more work than we'd like, and it currently won't play back, which is why this is still an open feature request to improve the situation.

In the future, when asking for help in MuseScore, it is better to use the Support forum.

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Editing by pressing “z” to find the symbols to drag to custom platter to get ready to decorate works fine, playing by using “hide and seek” v1 and v2 works fine - 100% full control of manual driving is definite an advantage; the only inconvenience is the movements of the symbols, arrow keys cannot shake them, the inspector has to be begged to help. And potential worry is there if they are pleased to follow formats changing later.