Volta Anchor Points

• May 7, 2020 - 18:17

If I put in a first and second ending and change the number of bars a volta covers I am unable to change the anchor point for playback. So I've consulted the FAQ and read that shift and + are supposed to let you shift it by a bar.

Nope sorry, this won't work for me.

What are we doing instead to fix this?

MS 3.4


Select a range of measures and click the Volta icon in the Lines palette.

_______Right/Left arrow

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Well sir that made all the difference.
I had initially put in the volta then edited the element to cover multiple bars after I played around with the arrangement. Then got into problems with the anchor point not moving.

I took your advice selected the multiple bars then added the volta.

Works fine.

User error, I guess.

Thanks Shoichi

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