finding current dynamic level

• May 6, 2020 - 17:52

Is there a way to find the current dynamic level of a note without scrolling back through the score to find (and maybe miss finding) the last previous dynamic level change? I looked at Inspector, Measure properties, etc. but did not find anything. For the note, Inspector shows velocity type Offset and velocity 0, regardless of what dynamic level I set the note to.


If you set a note level using "offset" or "user" it should show up when you click on the note again. It would be nice to pin the inspector and/or use the filter to FIND some changes. I export a midi file and open it in an events editor. But it is inconvenient.

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Maybe this is a subject for a feature request. It would be useful, especially for longer pieces, to be able to find a selected measure or note's dynamic level, tempo, and other properties, without searching backwards to locate the most recent change.

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