Support for Petaluma Font

• Oct 12, 2019 - 15:01

Include Petaluma as font option.

Like Bravura, Petaluma is available under SIL Open Font License and is SMuFL compatible with ~1,350 glyphs.

Petaluma is paired with Petaluma Text and Petaluma Script.



What would Petaluma Script be good for? Alternative to Petaluma Text?

See, not yet fully where I'd want it to be though: I can't get Petaluma Text/Script to show for text styles in the font selectors for text styles), so don't get it for lyrics, rehearsal marks, etc...

Edit: actually it works now, although I have no idea why...

Petaluma Script seems the font to be used for 'normal' text, Petaluma Text for 'musical' text.

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Same score in 3.2.3 looks pretty bad though, esp. the dynamics (the Petaluma Text/Script (?) glyphs are way smaller than those from other fonts, and if increased to a suitable size, on fallback (i.e. in a downrev MuseScore) are shown way too big of course) and the chord symbols (falling back to MS Shell Dlg 2 on Windows, rather than to e.g. FreeSerif, not much we can about that I guess):

So this addition is nothing we'd want in a patch release, so probably would have to wait till 3.4?
Also seems to reveal that while the muscial font falls back to Bravura, the musical text font does not fall back at all (should to Bravura Text I guess? Maybe not, leaving score as is, so it looks as it should in the version that has those fonts).

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I think it is a good idea add in 3.4 and to get it right.

There are a few other fonts I'm exploring, so, maybe we could target adding a few more in 3.4 if I can more fast enough on securing them.

The limited number of fonts seems to be a major complaint among engraving enthusiasts and supporting additional fonts can certainly help here.

BTW, somewhere I saw instructions on how to great the special brackets using Petaluma on the word "Intro" in the posted example, but I can't find them now. Anyone know?

Any news on this topic?
Musescore is often regarded as inferior to other music programs because of the final product's appearance (even though I don't think it has a lot to learn from others on that particular aspect), so adding support for more smufl fonts would be a great improvement.

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