Tablature score showing changed string choices

• Apr 13, 2020 - 17:54

What would cause a tablature score to revisit string choices for the whole score? I clearly did something to ruin my score, but I don't know what it was. I was investigating tablature choices in staff properties, and I must have done something, but there was no warning or immediately obvious result. Only later did I realize that some of my chording choices were changed (seemed to default to higher strings when I'd originally indicated positions on lower strings further up the neck).
The problem was that I didn't notice right away and kept entering the score. When I realized, I tried ctrl-z'ing but that only seemed to undo entered/changed notes, and I couldn't ctrl-z to any point before this global change.
Then I made the mistake of exiting the program, hoping my last save was before this mess. Of course it was not. So now I have no way of recovering.
So... just so I know not to do this again, can anyone tell me what dangerous button I pushed to do this?


Anything you do that changes pitch of a note, like hitting Up or Down with notes selected, would do that. Coincidentally, just today there is discussion of changing this to not alter non-default string assignments in cases like this.

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But this wasn't with selected notes. From what I can tell, it's mainly with the lowest string of chords when that note is actually higher than other strings in the chord, in which case it moved that note to an available higher string, or when there is an unused string between the lowest used string and the higher ones (which may be the same situation) and compacted the chord into adjacent strings. And it did this systematically, not with specific notes selected. What would lead it to do this?

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Something related to this/your other thread ?
I quote: "I go to staff properties, and I try adjusting the transposition manually at the bottom of the dialogue, but this changes the appearance of the score: yes, it makes the playback sound higher than written, but it defaults to changing the written score and keeping the pitch, rather than changing the pitch and keeping the written score." ?

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I think I know what might have happened. It was the Edit String Data dialogue. I had been looking for a way to include the string tuning at the left of each line and wasn't getting anywhere, then in the Edit String Data dialogue I saw tick boxes for each string in a column marked "Open". What this did wasn't explained, so I wondered (desperately) whether this might indicate what an "open" string was tuned to. I applied it, didn't notice any change, and then unticked all the boxes.
In the Handbook I now read: "Notes: (1) If tuning is changed when the tablature for that instrument already contains some notes, fret marks will be adjusted automatically (if possible)." So I suspect that was it.
Some thoughts: I really really wish I had been warned that what I was doing was going to reset so much of what I had entered.
I wish the "Open" tick boxes came with a bit of an explanation.
I still don't understand why ctrl-z did not seem to undo the global change. (I wish I could go back to confirm this.)

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