Missing documentation of deleting notes

• Jun 12, 2011 - 21:35
S5 - Suggestion

There are quite some people that have a lot of problems to edit scores later (see forum). One major problem is that the documentation does not fully enough cover the topic of deletion of notes.

Here is my suggestion for a possible content:

How to delete notes:
Not in „note entry mode“:
- Select a note / more notes with the mouse, hit DEL key → Result: rest(s) instead of notes.
- Deletion of notes by overwriting through Copy/Paste: Mark note(s), Copy to clipboard, choose start note, insert with Paste. Everything older will be overwritten.
Example: User enters 10 notes, the 2nd note is too much. Solution: Mark 3rd til 10th note, Copy, go to 2nd note, Paste.

„Note entry mode“:
- delete last entered note: Backspace ('Undo last note creation')
- Note is marked → Hit DEL-Key, Creates a rest instead of the note (does not work well with chords and rests at rev. 1.0, Ubuntu).
- Overwrite notes with notes or rests: If you enter new notes or rests, everything will be overwritten.


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That's a valuable addition and i'm wondering that no one reacted on this so far. I guess today (9 years) later the handbook has evolved quite a bit and most of that is covered pretty thoroughly, please review https://musescore.org/en/handbook/note-input

Note that nowadays anybody can contribute to the Handbook themselves, it's maintained Wiki-Style (but much easier) - just hit the three vertical dots at the top next to the headline and select "Edit".

Closing this issue as it should be for bugs and feature requests of the software itself.

Thank you for your contribution, it is very welcome!