Copy + paste suggestion

• Apr 8, 2020 - 04:12

It would be helpful to have the ability to copy a group of notes and paste them into another measure or instrument, but pasting only the notes and none of the arrangement details (articulations, dynamics, etc.).

I'm encountering situations where multiple instruments play the same notes but with different dynamics. After all are arranged, if I make a small melodic change I'm not able to just copy and paste it from one to all the others in one step, but have to either manually adjust the notes in each instrument or recreate all of the arrangements in each.

This would be comparable to Excel, which has this feature for spreadsheets that have tables already formatted (for bold/italic/underline text, cell shading, table or grid outlines, etc.). You can copy a formula from one cell, and by right-clicking the destination cell you're given the option of pasting the formula, format, values, etc.

If it's already an option I'd love to learn how. Thank you!

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