Keyboard shortcuts for palette objects

• Jun 4, 2018 - 17:26
P1 - High
S5 - Suggestion

It would be very useful to be able to assign palette objects to keyboard shortcuts. For example, assigning "CTRL+P" to "piano", "CTRL+P,CTRL+P" to "pianissimo", "SHIFT+T" to treble clef, "ALT+3" for 3/4 time signatures, or changing CTRL+M to duplicate the behavior of double-clicking the rehearsal marks (i.e. filling in the text automatically). While some of these are clearly just a minor convenience, others might be incredibly useful: think about a piece which changes time signatures frequently (though not consistently). (These shortcuts would also increase accessibility for those who have difficulty using a mouse)

Given that one can make his/her own palette objects, the ability to assign a keyboard shortcut to them would significantly increase the user's control and efficiency!

It'd be great if this were a possibility for 2.3.

Thank you for considering it.


For the record, this is definitely on the radar and has already been worked on as part of the a big accessibility project last summer. Although the work hasn't completed yet, it should be in MuseScore 3, not so sure about 2.3 but there's always a chance.

Generally, the version field is most relevant for bugs, so we can know what version of MsueScore has the bug. For features requests it isn't so relevamt, but in general, you should just say the version of MuseScore you actually are using. That way we know what version of MsueScore you are using when you realzied the feature would help. The developers decide for themselves what version might actually *get( the feature.

A couple of things that have been implemented in the past year or so can help with making palette items easier to apply by keyboard. One is the fact that the palette is now navigatable by keyboard, so Shift+Tab gets you to the palette, then arrow keys move you around. Another is that you can very easily create a custom palette with the symbols you use most. Another is the ability to define a shortcut for "Apply current palette element", so the last-used palette element can be reapplied with a single key. Another is the palette search mechanism, including the shortcut to access the search box. Taken together, you can generally add any palette item in just a handful of keystrokes once you set it up how you want.

I would encourage you to start a thread on the Support forum, and list the specific palette items you are most interested in, and then we can help show you how you can use the existing facility in ways you might find useful.