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• Dec 17, 2009 - 02:14

I'm running MuseScore version 0.9.5 on Fedora 11, and for some reason play mode won't work. When I try to open up the play window nothing happens. Everything else works fine, what could be the problem here?


I had the same thing and after a long google seach, I found that snd-seq was not loading. F11 has it shut off by default due to a conflict with pulseaudio.

On a command line, run "modprobe snd-seq". If that works then add that command to your rc.local.

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The image you link to is too small to read. Could you attach an image at normal resolution?

In case you are not aware. You can attach images to a comment on the forums. (Look for the "File Attachments" link when you reply, click "browse" to add a file, and click "attach" to upload it.)

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Change device to hw:0

Then you will have the sound seq issue.

I do not use sound much on F11 as I am running it in a VM under VirtualBox. I do not like the upgrade cycles of the "Bleeding Edge" Linux's and use CentOS as the base OS.

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I had a similar problem. Everything worked except the playback. I changed the sound font to something else (any other sound font that you can download), and then back to FluidR3_GM.sf2 - this then made the different sound appear in the 'sound' section of the mixer. I then made certain that Real time had been deselected on Jack and that hw:0 was selected on alsa studio device. Magically, it started to work.

Perhaps we could take a look at your Jack settings? Does MSCORE appear on the connections under the Audio tab? Mine was only showing on the ALSA tab until I made the changes. Are you able to connect the MSCORE outputs to the Audio out sockets?

I'm having the same issue with MScore 0.9.4 on Linex, If I look at the mixer by pressing F10, the volume control is red. The play panel will not show, and no sound comes from either score editing or attempts at playing pieces. No idea how to do anything with programming. So, any step procedures for this?

I am having the same problem, only I use Windows Vista. Can anyone help me? I've tried what the manual has said but it just won't work!

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