Stretch staff spacing variably on each page to always stretch to the margin?

• Mar 29, 2020 - 19:02

For a band piece I'm working on, I want the page layout to look fairly uniform, and as such, I want every page to have the staves go to the margins so there's always the same amount of white space at the bottom of every page. However, I don't see any feature to do this easily; there's a feature for the last-system fill threshold to stretch measures horizontally, but I see nothing for spacing staves to ensure that the margin is always exactly the same.

Added a screenshot for reference; the first page on the left goes all the way down to the 10mm margin, but the page on the right has far too much blank space on the bottom instead of spacing the staves to reach all the way to the margin. Adjusting staff spacing makes some music go off the page, and adjusting the margins only pushes music too close to the margin away from it.

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My page size is 10x13 and needs to stay that way; I have the stave size set to 3.2mm (0.8mm for each staff space) to fit all staves on the page and to closely approximate a rastral size of 8. Right now, some pages of music does reach all the way to the margin, and some don't because they are less densely orchestrated. I edited my original post with a screenshot for clarification.

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MuseScore does this by default already, at least it has for the past year or so. If you have a score created before 3.6.2, just go to Format / Style / Page and enable vertical justification of staves.

if you continue to have problems, please attach the actual score rather than just a picture of it. Then we can understand and assist better.

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