Text spaces deleted from score whenever I close and open Musescore

• Mar 10, 2020 - 19:36

I have some text frames in a score. I put some spaces between some text and underlined some of the spaces so that students could fill in an answer. When I close and reopen musescore these spaces are deleted. All of the rest of the text is still there. Any other changes made to the score before closing (and saving) are still there. But this happens every time: the 'empty' spaces (just created by space bar) disappear. I have this problem in several spots throughout the score. I am attaching the score as well as two pdfs that actually show the before and after (the problem can be found on page 15, 17 and 22). I can fix it, but basically every time I reopen the score I have to redo that work.

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I tried musescore 3 but had a lot of trouble with the automated replacement of articles; it moved around a lot of carefully placed things on my score. I know this is theoretically a good feature, since the application is primarily intended for scores and not method books, but I wasn't able to manipulate the formatting in musescore 3 as much as I needed to.

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While it's true that heavily manipulated scores created in MuseScore 2 often won't look right in MuseScore 3, it's actually quite a bit easier to create these types of scores in MuseScore 3 when you start from scratch. Maybe not in the very first couple of months after MuseScore 3 came out, but ever since 3.1 when we made it possible to freely move elements without the need to disable autoplace, and also made it simple to disable autoplace where needed. So I highly recommend switching to MsueScore for any new work, it's well worth it. saves enormous amounts of time if you do this sort of thing a lot (I just completed a whole textbook with it).

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Here is a sample page of mine:


I almost never need to turn off autoplace and in fact it makes the job easier, automatically keeping the text elements clear of each other with no special manual adjustments required.

As mentioned earlier, really for a full scale text I would use a word processor and paste examples in as images. MuseScore 3 even allows you to do that with a hyperlink back to the score for easy editing. But there are advantages to having it all within MuseScore, ability to playback being obvious among them. Accessibility is another - with MuseScore 3 a blind user can read the text and music alike using screen reader software and keyboard controls.

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I didn't quite understand this. When you open my score all of the text is not on the page? I suppose I could do image capture and try to get the sizing just right. Does anyone know what is happening to the spaces though? Is there a reason they keep disappearing? Just wondering if there is anything specific I need to avoid in the future.

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