Easier way to create 4:6 tuplets? (without custom tuplet dialog)

• Mar 9, 2020 - 17:28

Using keyboard entry if I create a 4-tuple over duration of dotted quarter note, it creates it in "4:3 ratio" style, whereas I'd prefer "4:6 ratio" style (i.e. displayed as 4 beamed 16th notes rather than 8th notes, which I believe is more common these days?). I figured out how to get the latter style using custom tuplet entry dialog, but is there a quicker/easier way in keyboard entry?


I don't see any particular evidence that this is more common, though. The norm is to notate tuplets with the next longer value, so you are always telling people to play them faster, not slower, than usual.

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I don't know the author of that and can't speak to their experience level. But FWIW, Elaine Gould - the most respected authority on such matters - says it's the other way around. My own experience agrees with Gould, but I can't say I've seen so many examples of this that I'd trust my judgement alone.

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