convert staff text to chord symbols

• Mar 6, 2020 - 19:56

Hi folks,

I'm trying to find a way to convert chords from a musicXML file that are recognized as staff text into Chord symbols.

So I know I can get Chord symbols style to my staff text by using inspector options, but I'd like my staff text to be convert in native musescore chord symbols.

any ideas ?


Only good way I know is to fix the MusicXML file. Did it come from a program that exports them incorrectly? If so, maybe contact the manufacturers of that program to see if they can fix that bug. Otherwise, maybe someone can figure out how to write a program to fix the MusicXML after the fact.

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It's not the empty meassures after all. There is something weird in your xml file about the clefs. I noticed that when I delete the empty measures the bas cleff turns into a violin clef. I replace the clef with a bass clef and insert again 4 empty measures, and everything works fine...
If you Select All in your xml file and paste in a new empty piano score you also have no problem.

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