ornaments drift in small staves, measure number sizes change

• Mar 25, 2014 - 15:29

Is there anything new on the problem of drifting ornaments in small staves? For example, fermatas, turns, and trill signs must be moved from their initial positions if the notes they are attached to are at the top of or above the staff. They then continue to move every time the file is saved and re-opened. A possibly related problem is that some measure numbers are larger than others even though I set their size at Style>Text>Measure number. It seems as though some are scaled to large staves, some to small. I can't close and reopen because I have many ornaments that will drift.


There are definitely known problems in this area. Have you tried to see if they are fixed in an experimental nightly build (see Download link in menu at right of this page)?

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Long list of what? I meant, go to that link, download a nightly build, and try for yourself to see if the issues you are seeing are fixed. A number of issues in this area are definitely fixed, but whether your particular case is fixed or not, only you will be able to say, after trying for yourself. Or, you could post the score you are having trouble with and someone else who already has a nightly build installed could try it for you.

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Thanks again, Marc. I think I understand. I thought I was looking for a patch for my particular problem, so I was looking at the list of topics. The warning about the nightly builds is so scary I thought they were not for amateurs like me, especially when working on a very dense 40-page score.

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To be clear - I am suggesting you *test* with a nightly build to see if your issues are fixed. If not, then you can report them in the issue tracker. But then, either way, go back to 1.3 - the nightly builds are inded not for regular use. Just testing. Any time you encounter a bug in 1.3, you should test to see if it has been fixd already using a nightly build, and if not, report it. If it's already fixed, then no need to report it at all.

This is still happening in 2.0. Add an instrument in My First Score, make its staff small, enter a half note and a half note rest, and put fermatas on the half note, the half note rest, and a full measure rest. Glad to see they are now the correct size, but they are at different heights. Move two up or down to line up with the third. Close and reopen the file and they will no longer do so.

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The problem applies to the small staff only. I put in a half rest and a half note, which are followed by a measure rest. I put fermatas on all three. The first is highest above the staff, the second next-highest, and the third lowest. If you correct them to be the same, they are even further apart on reload. At one point in 1.3 I thought that the moves were being attached to the latest position instead of the original one, and hence there was another move of the same amount in reload, but in 2.0 beta it doesn't seem to be that simple.

If you put a trill and a fermata on the same note, they overlap, even on a full size staff. If you correct this on a full size staff, the correction is maintained on reload, but on a small staff the separation increases on reload. Similarly, put grace notes after a note, representing the turn at the end of a trill: if you move them to the end of the bar and then enter material in other bars thereby shortening the bar in question, the grace notes seem to be constrained to move no further than the end of the bar in a full size staff, but they move beyond the end in a small staff. It would work better to attach the grace notes to the following bar line, but I imagine that is not possible.

Wonderful work--many thanks!

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