Rests interfere with re-pitching

• Feb 9, 2020 - 10:16
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Take the sample score, start re-pitching the chords from the first measure using keyboard. It works very well, for example, you can do this smoothly: C, Shift+D, E, Shift+F, and the two chords in the first measure will be replaced. But for the second measure, after pressing C, Shift+D, you have to pass the rest (by typing a pitch or 0) before re-pitching the second chord. This only happens to chords (with more than one note), because only after re-pitching a chord does the blue (or green, ...) rectangle fall back.

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"you have to pass the rest (by typing a pitch or 0)" ... or by pressing right arrow twice.

But what do think ought to happen? After repitching the first chord MuseScore doesn't know if you want to add another note to the cord, or move on and replace the rest with a note or move to the next chord to repitch that or do some other operation on it.

step 1 - right arrow to end the repitching/add note to chord operation and move to the rest ready to enter a new note if that is what is wanted

step 2. right arrow to move to the next chord ready to repitch that.

All done with the keyboard. That seems to me to be a reasonable process. Or have I misunderstood your point?

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I'm already using re-pitch mode, so I don't want to add note to a rest. And why should the behaviour be any different for single notes and chords? Pressing a pitch without Shift means going on to re-pitch the next chord, pressing with Shift means adding a note to the current chord. So either way MuseScore can know exactly what I want to do. Why should rest have anything to do with this process?

Additionally, if the chord is tied it won't change both chords in the tie, I must manually Shift/+ to change the tied chord. Then the next chord often won't repitch but rather adds new pitches to those already there. Example, I had to manually tie/re-enter the F chord and the on the next chord it just added the F chord pitches to the Dm pitches: chord re-pitch error.png

Reported version 3.4 4.x-dev

I am having issues with re-pitching when it comes to rests. First I entered the rhythm using "rhythm only" input mode. Then I add the notes using "repitch existing notes" input mode.

Attachment #1 is after entering the rhythm. My requirement is that the first two are supposed to be rests (1/4th and 1/8th). So I switch to "repitch existing notes" and press 0 twice. Attachment #2 is that output. I would expect that the 1/8th note would be made into a 1/8th rest. Please let me know if I am missing something.

For now the workaround for me is to split the beam and then enter the rest. That preserves the rhythm, but I feel that this extra step shouldn't be required.

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