Paste Without Lyrics

• Feb 3, 2020 - 16:23

Many times when I am composing, I like to put the first verse of the lyrics in right after the melody. Also, with hymn-writing (which is most of what I do with musescore), the melody repeats either exactly or almost exactly, so it saves a lot of time to copy and paste in places. The problem is, when you copy and paste, it also pastes the lyrics, overwriting what lyrics there already were. I understand why it does this, and am not asking that it be removed, because you often want to overwrite the lyrics. But it would also be nice to have a "Paste Without lyrics" command, possibly in the context menu. I have also tried subtracting the lyrics from the selection before copying, and this does not work. When I hit ctrl+v to paste, nothing happens. This also seems odd to me, because subtracting the notes from the selection and copy/pasting the lyrics does work.

If anyone knows of another way to paste without lyrics, I would appreciate the help.

Thank you


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Well, in general, there is no guarantee that what you are pasting would be the same number of notes much less the same rhythms, so keeping the lyrics could be awkward. Better, though, to copy the lyrics from the original part to the new one, we do have special handling for that. So, select the original region, then right-click one lyrics, Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection, Ctrl+C to copy, then click the destination and Ctrl+V to paste. It remains up to you to make sure the rhythms are compatible.

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