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• Dec 26, 2019 - 15:06
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Never seen this before. When I input a melody for a B-flat instrument, while the "Concert Pitch" is in C, I find the melody is still in concert pitch, but in the instrument's key (while the key signature is still 'concert pitch').

I input for a clarinet -- (the piece is in B-flat) in "C" -- I play it back and the clarinet part is in D-flat. That wouldn't even make sense if I input it for the part; (it would be in F.)

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In order to investigate, we would need you to attach your actual score, not just pictures of it, and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem. Most likely the staff transposition properties got messed up somehow - like you tried changing them manually but got the direction wrong, or tried changing instrument in a part but not the score, etc.

The concert pitch button appears to do what it should: it transposes the notes down a major second. The question then is how the score got into this state where the key signature and notes are incorrect. Assuming you didn't deliberately enter them that way, then somethng you did (Tools / Transpose, maybe?) must have changed it. Can you remember anything more about what led to this?

Meanwhile, to fix it, just use Tools / Transpose on that part to transpose it up a major second. Assuming the pitches really are as you expect when viewing concert pitch - I'm not familiar with the piece.

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I have the same problem. I write scores for my school band in concert pitch to make seeing all the harmonies correct. While still in concert pitch mode, I create parts. I then switch off concert pitch while the whole score tab is active. The alto sax part (in the part tab) transposes correctly but the Bb instruments don't. If I then switch off concert pitch while the part tab is active (as opposed to the whole score), the Bb parts will transpose correctly. However, if I do that in the already transposed Alto Sax part, it transposes again.

If I might suggest, I think that the functionality for toggling concert pitch should work across all tabs at once. If I shift the score tab into concert pitch, everything else shifts. If I toggle concert pitch in any tab, all the other tabs shift. This would prevent parts shifting out of sync with each other.

Sample score which had the problem attached for reference

With thanks for your excellent product


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Many people want to keep the score in concert pitch, while having the parts transposed. So removing this important feature would be a mistake. If there is some sort of bug that causes problems to happen if they are out of sync, it;s better to fix the bug.

But I am not understanding the problem. I see that you currently have the score transposed. Your parts are kind of a mixture, not sure why you'd do that - normally the parts are generated as trnasposed and there would never be a reason to change that. But anyhow, as far as I can tell, each part is being displayed correctly given its current setting. Can you explain the issue you are perceiving, in more detail? What steps should I take to see a problem? In particular, the Bb parts I see are for Clarinet, Trumpet, and Tenor Sx. Each shows as being transposed, and in the key of C, which is correct.