Automatically Put All System Text Below Staves in Parts

• Jan 6, 2020 - 20:39

I have an orchestral composition with several ritardandos and a tempos. I have to put each text underneath the staves in all the parts. This would be a lot of work because I have 22 parts with like four or five texts each.

Is there a way I can style all system text in the score to be placed beneath the staves in the parts in one easy step?


First, those should probably be tempo texts, not system texts, unless you are specifically trying to avoid playback effects. But in any case, set one below b pressing "X" or using the Placement property in the Inspector, then hit the "Set as style" ("S" icon) button next to that property. Do that before generating parts. Or if you want it above in the score but below int the parts, go to a part, use Format / Style, and press Apply to all Parts.

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