how to enable headphones in playback

• Jan 27, 2019 - 08:48

When I was trying to listen to playback with headphones, music still comes from the laptop speakers. I want to use headphones so the music would not bother others in my household. Help anyone?


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I had the same problem and you were exactly correct. I closed MuseScore completely; then plugged my earphones into the jack; then checked "preferences-sound-output" to make sure that my headphone jack was selected for the output; then turned on a radio station on Safari and got the music through my headphones; and only then reopened MuseScore and played the score and magically the sound came through the headphones as you suggested it would.

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Yes this works, but only up to a point. If, for any reason one unplugs the head phones to move the lap top or leave it standing for a while, then it is necessary to close all MuseScore files, close down the app, reopen it and select the the scores and then only will it play again - after a few second hesitation. This is very inconvenient. Previously, before I had this problem the headphones simply worked instantly no matter what.

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Update: Just downloaded version 3.4.1 (upgraded from 3.3.something) and the headphone jack bug is still present. The only way I can get output to the headphone jack is to exit Musescore, plug in the headphone jack, count to 5, then start Musescore. Occasionally, even that doesn't work.

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