Move syllable to the next note when editing lyrics

• Feb 11, 2019 - 22:26
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When I am adding lyrics to a song, I sometimes put a two-syllable word in without a dash between the syllables by mistake. To fix it I have to delete all the words I typed after the mistake, then type the right word instead, and retype all the words after the mistake. I think it would be a lot better if you could simply edit the two-syllable word and put a hyphen between the syllables, then have musescore automatically shift all the words after it to the next note.


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I turned this into a suggestion, because it has merits.

You can select the section of music with the lyrics you want to move, right click one of the lyrics and choose Select All similar elements in range selection. You can then cut and paste the lyrics. You can then fix the lyric with the problem by double clicking it and retyrping it like "lyr-ic" to enter the dash between syllables.

Title Move part of word to next note in lyrics Move syllable to the next note when editing lyrics

This is one of my biggest discomforts with MuseScore: entering lyrics. In Finale I used to first prepare the lyrics in any text editor (like notepad++) or type them in the lyrics-editor window (behaves very similar to a normal text editor).
There I already put in the '-' to identify a syllable break, or a space to end a word.
In the 'lyric-paste-mode', and having the -key pressed, it would then past all the syllables under each of the notes. Where there is a tie, it would only put a word under the first note, skipping the second. A slur (unfortunately) wasn't recognized.
But it has a nice lyric-shift function by which it does exactly what pianocomposer321 needs: it shifts (left or right) all syllables before or after the shifted syllable.
And any change done in the lyrics-editor is reflected in the lyrics that are already shown in the music.
Sure there are improvements possible (like thaking slurs into account when doing auto-placement), but all-in-all it behaves way better than what can be done in MuseScore.

FWIW, the text editor approach works in MuseScore too, although differently. Type your lyrics, with hyphens and underscores as appropriate, copy; then switch to MuseScore click a note, and start pressing Ctrl+V. It pastes a syllable at a time, moving to the next note as it goes.

But the shift function would be nice indeed someday because it's really easy to miss an underscore somewhere and be off by one.

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I would love to have a built-in lyrics editor in musescore that would reflect the lyrics on the score in real-time. It would make inputting and especially editing lyrics WAY better in musescore. Being in real-time, it would mean that you could just add a hyphen here, and an underscore there, and it would automatically update with no hassle at all!

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Having just 'moved over' to Muse score - I am still getting to grips with it. Complex but extremely intuitive. Like others I am struggling with entering Lyrics. I used Noteworthy Composer before - and like others it has a Lyric Editor window. Enter the text - either type or paste - and hyphens etc, press OK and all the lyrics appear in the right place. It understands slurs and everything. And of course is really easy to edit. Its the best Lyric Editor I have found - and on a simple app.